Cooperation with students

       It is impossible to establish the student-centered approach and periodic improvements in quality assurance without students’ demanding and active involvement in the process. ANQA and student collaboration is highly welcomed and there are different ways of collaboration.

     Students participate in seminars, forums, and workshops organized by ANQA, they are engaged in researches launched by Student Voice project, take part in accreditation processes as experts or on a voluntary basis are involved in ANQA projects.

    ANQA personnel often have meetings with students from different universities representing them the steps for professional education quality assurance and consider their involvement as an important issue.

   Student Voice project  gives an opportunity to students to raise problems they are worried about or they come across, make a versatile audit and represent the results both to the public and to the institutions.

    Student involvement in accreditation processes and student assessment of the universities’ institutional and academic program efficiency is very important. So, it’s mandatory for a student to be involved in an expert group. ANQA collaborates with Student Councils and Armenian National Students’ Association (ANSA) for student-expert involvement in the processes.  The active participants of Student Voice project are also included in student experts database. Students designated by these bodies have meetings at ANQA, participate in trainings and afterward  appropriate candidates are selected. 

Those students can become volunteers at ANQA, who have civil stances, eager to have their investments in the culture formation of professional education quality assurance in Armenia, as well as get practical skills in education management sphere.

If you are a student and want to get information from reliable sources, get a high-quality education, promote constant improvements in education quality and have a successful career, then choose any type of collaboration with ANQA.

Students’ voice

Students’ opinion is a very important part of quality culture development. That is why on February 15th, 2011 ANQA launched “Students’ voice” programme.

The goals of the “Students’ voice” programme are:

The long-term goal of the “Students’ voice” is to have demanding students to  their education quality enhancement.