Yerevan “Gladzor” University

Yerevan “Gladzor” University

Registration date 04/09/2015
Full name of educational institution (branch) , organizational form

Yerevan “Gladzor” University Educational Cooperative

Educational institution’s address 7/1 Grigor Lusavorich str. Yerevan, RA
Name of the accreditation organization, country National Center For Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation, RA
Expert panel members

Harutyun Marzpanyan (expert panel chair), Doctor of Economics, Professor

Fabrice Hénard, Strategy consultant at Learning Avenue (France)

Gurgen Hovhannisyan, PhD in Geology, Associate Professor

Samvel Mkhitaryan, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor

Arpine Mkrtchyan, Student at YSLU

The Accreditation Committee’s decision number, adoption date №6 , 21. 03.2015,
Accreditation terms 4 years
The number and date of MoES order for accreditation certificate approval № 216-Ա/Ք , 01.04.2015
Number and serial number of the accreditation certificate № 6, ԻՀ №008
Validity period of the accreditation certificate up to 21.03.2019
Deadline to apply for the next institutional accreditation unitl February 2018
Universities granted the accreditation certificate
Expert report   ANQA conclusion   Accreditation committee decree