Cooperation with students

Active involvement of students and voicing their demands ensure student-centred learning and continuous improvement of education quality for the benefit of the student. ANQA, therefore, emphasizes the involvement of students in the quality assurance processes and develops various forms of cooperation with them.

Students have the opportunity to participate in seminars, forums and workshops organized by ANQA, to engage in research initiated by the “Students' Voice” project, to participate in TLIs accreditation processes as experts, or to volunteer for ANQA work.

ANQA staff regularly organizes meetings with TLI students and presents the quality assurance processes and the role of students in them.
ANQA has the "Students' Voice" project, where students voice their concerns and study the situation in different TLIs. The “Students' Voice” project allows for conducting comprehensive research on education issues and introducing it to the TLIs and the public.

The participation of students in the TLIs institutional and programme accreditation processes from the student's point of view are important, therefore one student must be included in the expert groups. ANQA cooperates with the “Students' Voice” project, student organizations of TLIs, as well as the Armenian National Students’ Association in order to attract student-experts. Students who have been actively participating in the “Students' Voice” project trainings are included in the student-expert database.

A meeting with the students nominated by diverse organizations is first organized at ANQA, then trainings are held, after which the relevant candidates are selected.
Any student who is concerned about the improvement of the education system, and has an active civic attitude, and wants to contribute to the development of the education quality culture, as well as gain practical skills in education management, can become a volunteer at ANQA.

Therefore, if you are a student, if you want to be at the center of education information flows, get a quality education, contribute to the continuous improvement of the education quality and build a successful career, then choose any type of cooperation with ANQA and contact us:

Students’ voice

Student participation and opinion are important in creating a quality culture. For that purpose, on February 15, 2011, the “Students Voice” project was launched by the initiative of ANQA. The long-term goal of the “Students Voice” is to make Armenian students more demanding for improving the quality of their education.

 The goals of the "Students Voice" project are:

Throughout the ten years of its activity, the “Students Voice”, in cooperation with students and teachers from state and private TLIs in the Republic of Armenia, has conducted research on "Armenian Peculiarities of Higher Education: Survey on Students' Opinions" and "Reasons for the Decline and Increase of Students' Learning Motivation: Survey Among Students and Lecturers”, “The impact of the pandemic on the educational process in RA TLIs”.
The Project also regularly organizes trainings for students, inviting ANQA specialists, education experts, university quality assurance staff, and student-experts as speakers.
At the end of the training sessions, students receive a certificate, get registered in the database of experts and get the opportunity to participate in accreditation processes as student-experts.

 To participate in the trainings, follow the link and fill in the questionnaire.